A couple of mentions…

  • Please appreciate that unless enough bookings are made prior to tour, the tour is not guaranteed. So please book to avoid disappointment.

  • Pricing is firm, please do not barter

  • Please pay cash upon arrival, bank transfer is also available 
    Deposits are requested for 2 hours plus bookings

  • Please do not overstay your welcome; I am a very giving and kind person, however your appointment time is my business. Respect that.

  • Value my discretion as I value yours.

  • Please note I am drug /smoke free so please do not offer.

  • Enjoy me, I am a breath of fresh air, you will never leave disappointed, this is my promise to you.

  • Things I excel in: kissing, Foreplay, Passion, Playfulness, O pleasure, Multiple positions, High Energy,

  • Ask me for anything but do not be rude, you will find my service is way above my price grade. I have reasons for this excellent value.

  • Hygiene (dental included) is important for both of us to enjoy our time together. Please be clean and free of odour. Showering and oral cleaning is also provided for your comfort.

Demi Luxe deposit and refund policy

  • A deposit may asked for our time together. This dollar amount is made at the time of booking and requested to be made into my nominated business account before a confirmed appointment can be made. This will include your personal reference number for easy ID

  • Upon paying your deposit our time will be confirmed and the booking will take place with the remaining fee paid at arrival. 

  • If you the clients cancels for any reason with more than 48 hours notice I am happy to make this a credit for your next visit. If however less than 48 hours notice is given and my calendar has been organised because of my touring schedule around pre paid Bookings you will forfeit your deposit.

  • If myself for any reason is unable to make our time you are welcome to your deposit back within 48 hours. Please send your details and this will be refunded with a sincere apology.

  • I appreciate that sometimes ‘life’ happens from both parties so there is time on either side for notice with this policy. I can not honour deposit refunds for change of mind or because of any reason a few hours before. This is not fair on my business and I’m sure you would agree on any organised business selling their services and time. 

  • Thank you in advance for your cooperation.